A natural, organic and hypoallergenic way to remove hair

Benefits of Sugaring

Sugaring can lead to permanency.


Hair growth is more refined after each sugaring session.

After a number of sugaring treatments the hair follicle starts to deplete, which leads to permanency.




Lukewarm temperature will never burn your skin.


Our sugaring treatment is never hot and will never burn your skin


Sugaring extracts very short hairs.


Hair can be extracted with only 4-7 days of growth after shaving. 10 days are preferred and required for first sugaring treatment.




It's pure, organic, natural and uses biodegradable ingredients


Sugar, lemon and water. So natural you can eat it! Sugaring paste is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Sugaring paste will not adhere to live skin cells, causing less trauma to the skin than other forms of hair removal and no fear of ripping layers of skin off.


Sugaring is a natural exoliation for the skin


Our treatment can leave dry, dehydrated skin soft and smooth, without flakes. Sugaring can even brighten tattoos!




Sugaring eases hair out of the follicle in the natural direction of growth


This means you have less chance of developing ingrown hairs or breakage.


Sugaring is very sanitary


Sugar cannot breed bacteria, so bacteria will not breed in the jar. We use the same sugar past for the whole body so there is no double dipping. Gloves are used for every treatment




Sugaring paste is water-soluble.


It will rinse clean with warm water, no residue will be left on the skin.

It also will not stain garments or sheets.